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Hashbass’s Star-Studded Ensemble For Anita is a Moving Tribute to his Mother: Score Indie Reviews

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Hashbass is mostly known as a bassist, providing music for and touring
with several high-profile musicians in the independent scene. His latest
single For Anita is an emotional tribute to his mother, featuring some
diverse musical guests ranging from legendary classical vocalist Shubha
, and Blackstratblues guitarist Warren Mendonsa to drummer Nikhil Mawkin. Hashbass himself handles the bass, keys, and synthesisers for the track.

Set against a very bluesy sound, Mendonsa’s guitaring is calming throughout while Mudgal gracefully croons a bittersweet song. Most of
her lyrics are stretched heavily, reaching a heavenly crescendo. And the song’s nearly-5-minute duration works fully in favour of this amalgamation of talents. It never feels overlong and Hashbass’s overall production builds a slow trance-like effect. For Anita is not only a perfect tribute to his mother, but also a major sign of the artist’s transient versatility and his boldness with experimentation.

The high-quality production easily makes the song worth listening to,
with one’s eyes closed, with no distractions around. There’s a certain
spirituality that the song evokes which might be interpreted differently by
different listeners. If anything, the track also tells one about the wonders
that the perfect kind of sound engineering and production can achieve,
especially with diverse collaborations such as these.

Bringing a classical musician on a non-classical track is definitely not a
new trick in the book, but For Anita does transcend the formula to new
extents. From the progressive drumming to the ambient guitaring,
Hashbass has added another feather to his cap. His mother, the titular
Anita Misra, would be really proud of what her son has ended up

Verdict: Heartfelt, poignant tribute from an artist to his mother, supported
by some of the best acts in the scene.

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