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An Emotional Diary With Layers Of Depth Makes ‘The Fall’ by Komorebi A Revelation Beyond Words – Indie Score Reviews

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Tarana Marwah, who goes under the alias Komorebi, is back with her second album ‘The Fall’ which comes 6 years after her debut album ‘Soliloquy’ in 2017. It is a very emotionally charged album that captures the innate feelings of this singer, songwriter and music producer. Even the artwork is a work of art, which is a manga-inspired comic, a subtle nod to Tarana’s rendezvous with the Japanese pop culture. The album cover depicts Extraterrestrial space traveller Kiane, who has her heart literally on the table. 

The seven songs in this album all have lingering atmospheric music that builds up well, along with sweet strings accompanying it. The lyrics have some sort of sentimentality, which is heartfelt and makes the album even more poignant. 

The first track is also my personal favourite, called ‘I Grew Up’, a self-reflective ode to her relationship with her partner, with whom she has spent many years and is in the transitional phase of moving from her 20s to her 30s. The music itself has a soothing quality in the starting and builds up to more intensity towards the middle, which depicts the emotional quotient felt by the singer. 

‘Watch Out’ is another gem in the album, enchanting with its mellow music and dealing with the toxicity one feels in a relationship. The singer says it’s important to break free and find freedom of self, making that experience even more beautiful, which is why the song feels larger than life and open. 

‘The Fall’, which is the name of the album as well, stems from a dark side of the singer, which she experienced once that is self-destructive. This song skillfully shows how this side exists in each person, and it’s important to talk about it and not gulp it down. 

In ‘Silent War’, Tarana sings about the importance of speaking with the inner child, calling it a therapy. The track ‘All The Things’ is about a bittersweet relationship with her mother and deals with forgiveness and eventual acceptance. 

‘Tangled and Familiar’ is a sad ballad with connotations of a lost love about to be broken up and how two people can feel tangled even if they are so familiar with each other. 

Conclusively, this album is one of the best I have listened to this year. ‘The Fall’, provides a wholesome musical experience topped with Tarana’s mesmerising voice. 

Verdict: A treat for the ears.

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