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Indie music review- Rebirth by Komorebi

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Since her first track, ​Tarana Marwah AKA Komorebi​ has brought a distinct eclecticism to her electronic soundscape. Her nom de guerre (the Japanese word for “sunlight filtering through leaves”) reveals an inclination for all things Nippon. In her newest music video, she uses a Hatsune Miku-looking, vocaloid-esque aesthetic layered with a sitar-string hook topping off dynamic swigs of electro-pop. As with most of her music, Rebirth fits perfectly into a cyberpunk anime soundtrack.
Thematically, the song is an ode to emotional self-reliance. As Tarana Marwah says “​I’ve felt very powerless against external factors in my life before, and craved reassurance and support which I never got at the time. So, it’s from me now to me then.I wanted to share that strength with other young girls who tend to feel lost or isolated in their adolescence, but are too afraid to articulate it​.”

In a world increasingly split by what seems like every possible disaster, Rebirth is a one-minute reminder to look back to one’s own reserves of strength. At this point, there isn’t much of a choice since closely-held ideas and institutions are quickly proving to be painfully unstable. So close your eyes, gulp down that anxiety-ridden lump in your throat and replay this song for a glimpse of hope.

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