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Bringing Back The Nuances of Rock with Arrows’ Debut EP’ Friends Tonight, Strangers Again’ – Score Indie Reviews

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David Britto is a Mumbai-based artist whose collaborative project called Arrows first commenced in 2018. He was formerly a part of the band ‘The Tripp’, where he performed as a bass guitarist, having played in exclusive venues across India, including Bacardi NH7 Weekender and Sula Fest. 

His solo work is a medley of artists from all parts of the country who share the same passion for music. His debut EP ‘Friends Tonight, Strangers Again’ features a guest vocalist in each song, who are noteworthy artists having left their imprint on the Indian Independent music scene. 

The first track in the EP is ‘Fight this Fight’, which is a fast-paced song with a flowing guitar track which sometimes dulls the vocals; still, the lyrics soar high as they talk about fighting for one’s dreams and never giving up. ‘Carnaby’ is a great rock feature which is smooth and has a unique tune to it which lingers in the mind for a long and reminds me of one of the great rock numbers from the 70s. 

The star of this EP is definitely ‘Take It Way’, which was my personal favourite of the five tracks. Beginning with the soft notes that create an aura of the culminating rock notes is a refreshing change. Sung by Joel Paddikal, the song washes over the mind the minute the vocalist sings, 

“Shifting through time and space

What a lovely way to say

Im going away

Not coming back, not today.”

‘Can We Be’, this romantic rock ballad, depicts the ingenuity of the growing music artists in India and their prowess in different genres of music that can easily compete on the world stage. Last on the EP is ‘You’ featuring Saachi, whose distinct voice gives this song an edge. It is a great song to listen to when you need a pick-me-up song to brighten up your day with the lyrics that go straight to the heart. 

Overall, this is a great album which shows the depth of music from an experienced musician. Each song has its own unique flavour, and in my opinion, would perform well on the Indian as well as International charts. 

Verdict: Rock, Distinct Vocals, Good Tempo.

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