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The Score Magazine October 2023 issue ft Abby V

Cover Story: Get ready to dive into the world of the internet sensation, Abby V! This is a musical journey you won’t want to miss!

🎸 Fingertips by Purbayan Chatterjee

🎉 Music Tech Marvels: Secure Your Gear! Your musical instruments are treasures. Discover five invaluable tips to keep them safe and sound. Your gear deserves the best!

🔍 String Saga: Why Do They Keep Breaking? Say goodbye to frustrating snap moments. Unravel the mystery behind guitar strings and keep the music flowing smoothly!

🌍 AfroPop Unearthed! Dive into the global sensation of AfroPop and find out why it’s capturing hearts worldwide. This genre is taking the music world by storm!

🎙️ In the Spotlight: Panda & Kenzani! Join us for an exclusive interview with the dynamic duo, Panda & Kenzani. Their musical journey promises to inspire and captivate.

🎶 Raman Sharma’s Melodic World! Step into the enchanting realm of Raman Sharma’s music. Discover his unique sound and artistic vision in this captivating interview.

🗣️ Conversations with Agnee! Explore the world of music through the eyes of Agnee. Join us for an engaging discussion with these talented musicians.

🌐 Musical Time Travel: Ancient Instruments! Take a fascinating journey back in time as we explore the world’s oldest playable musical instruments. Let the echoes of history resonate!

🎵 Genres Merged, Sounds Forged: Indie Music Insights! Delve into the art of blending genres and creating distinctive sounds in independent music. It’s a symphony of creativity!

🎸 Motivation for Guitarists! Calling all guitar enthusiasts! Discover five powerful tips to keep your musical journey fueled with passion and motivation. Let’s keep the music alive!

Let’s celebrate music, creativity, and the incredible artists who make it all possible!

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