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Kevin Fernando’s ‘i’ll find my way to you tomorrow’ easily finds its way to listeners’ playlists: Score Indie Reviews

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An upbeat fingerpicking-and-slapping guitaring pattern goes throughout Kevin Fernando‘s new single creating an instant feeling of optimism that carries throughout the rest of the song. Brimming with simple lyrics and a heartwarming vibe reminiscent of English-language pop artists like Jason Mraz, I’ll find my way to you tomorrow is a track of keeping hope. 

The singer-songwriter hums on how the present might seem bleak at the moment but a better future might not be that far away. And to complement his hushed-down, gently-paced vocals is Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy’s production. Relying on a talented ensemble, the song’s standout parts (apart from Kevin Fernando’s verses) are the raw and extremely soothing fingerstyle guitar interludes, courtesy of Cletus Amalan’s skills with the acoustic guitar. 

With its breezy tone, the song is a perfect pick to energize oneself at the start of the day or perhaps a good enough addition to your playlist if you’re on the move. Similar messages of hope and optimism have been evoked with several independent releases in the past few months (more so, due to the general cynicism brought upon by the pandemic). 

But most of them tend to have overused lyrical elements or derivative production, especially the ones that charter the territories of acoustic indie-pop. And yet, the production and vocals on this track seem fresher than usual. Furthermore, I’ll find my way to you tomorrow seems to be released at the right time, as we make a transition from the wintry days of melancholy to a (hopefully) more positive summer. Fernando’s song tends to encapsulate such a summer. 

Verdict: An instantly feel-good track offering hope for bleaker times. 

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