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Prateek Gandhi and Alfeeya Donna’s Do Hisse delivers the heartbreak blues for this Valentine’s season: Score Indie Reviews

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Prateek Gandhi has been churning out one high-profile collaboration after the other, producing music for music debutants as well as seasoned veterans like Benny Dayal and Shefali Alvares. However, at the core of his discography, lies his own work as an independent artist. Gandhi’s recent release Do Hisse finds him producing, composing, and sharing vocals with Alfeeya Donna. The latter has dabbled in acting and entrepreneurship before and this track marks her own musical debut. 

As Valentine’s season is around the corner, a natural upsurge in romance-themed songs can be observed. Do Hisse belongs to the heartbreak category as it delves into two sides of a failed relationship. Both Gandhi and Donna passionately vent out their emotions on what it feels when two grieving lovers endure the pain of separation. 

Such a situation, of course, turns out to be a tumultuous emotional roller coaster for the former lovers but the journey eventually ends at a destination of acceptance. The song closes in with such a phase when both are ready to introspect on their own shortcomings and move ahead. 

Now as has been the case with some of Gandhi’s previous releases, his songs tend to be in the pantheon of those indie releases that seem to bear strong influence from cinematic music (Bollywood in this case as Do Hisse is a Hindi-language track). This style seems good enough as it suits the largely abstract, intense atmosphere that it aims to create. 

A tad bit melodramatic at times (which seems like an intentional choice), Ritika Chawla’s lyrics suit the mellifluent and tragic sound of the song. Bollywood violinist Abhijeet Mazumdar also gets a few notable moments to shine. As for Donna, her debut seems pretty promising to say the least while Gandhi is consistent as usual. 

Verdict: A soulfully dramatic track on heartbreak and the acceptance that follows it. 

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