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Ketan Mohite’s Tera Intezaar is a dramatic ode to unconditional love: Score Indie Reviews

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Tere Intezaar, the third single by Ketan Mohite, clocks at five minutes but
the duration hardly feels overbearing considering that it has enough
substance in it to hold the listener’s attention from the start to the finish.
The song starts off slowly with dramatic crescendos in between displaying
the full potential of Mohite’s heartfelt vocals and Nyzel Dlima’s ambient
guitaring, supported by soothing bass by acclaimed bassist Bubby Lewis.

David Joseph’s drums also add the much-needed energy to the song’s
chorus, especially towards its final parts. Thematically, the lyrics (written by Manoj Yadav) are abstract and poetic, making the singer reminiscence on how his lover is everything to him, be it his life or ultimate destination. He constantly thinks about her memories and stays in those precious
moments, waiting for her.

For some listeners, these themes might get a tad bit too melodramatic but
Mohite provides enough consistency throughout in his voice and
composition that these drawbacks would seem like minor nitpicking.
While it’s to be appreciated that the independent scene relies on indiepop
and soft rock influences, many artists today are going for a monotonous
acoustic sound. In that sense, Tera Intezaar is quite different and anthemic
with its high production value. This doesn’t imply that the song is too heavy;
it just means that the song is soulful enough to soothe you but energetic
enough to be power-packed in its duration.

Mohite has assembled quite a team of collaborators, each musician
supporting each other’s skills perfectly well. The fading choruses in the
third act of the song are definitely catchy enough to stick in your ears.
Ketan Mohite as well as the instrumentalists involved in this track show
great promise for their future discography.

Verdict- This could have been a cliched indiepop love song. It ends up
being a captivating love ballad with influences of soft rock.

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