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When Chai Met Toast’s Kahaani is a mellow testament of love and withdrawal: Score Indie Reviews

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If one would read the details carefully, indie fans would rejoice that the
popular folk pop group When Chai Met Toast has collaborated with indie
heartthrob Ankur Tewari in their latest single Kahaani. Tewari doesn’t
provide his guitaring or vocals but wrote this new song.

Kahaani starts on a mellow note but by its final minute it would end up
making the listeners optimistic, eager to see a new day with a new life.
That’s the magic that this band from Kerala weaves with almost every
release of theirs. Suiting the current state of lockdown love (for many
couples can’t physically be next to each other), the song revolves around
thoughts of distance and withdrawal between lovers.

Mellow acoustic vibes grace the totality of the song with lead singer Ashwin
Gopakumar’s heart-melting vocals taking charge. There’s a lot to love in
the song. It might sound a bit similar to their musical work from the past
and some might say it’s not experimental enough for the band known for its
feel-good songs. However, at the same time, Kahaani is a song that proves the band is still consistent in their particular genre-defining approach. It still shows that the group hasn’t acquired an extremely mainstream or ‘sell-out’ sound; the band still sticks to its roots while playing around with new themes and production.

Tewari’s lyrics are the final cherry on the top. They are simple but still
perfectly capture the heartfelt attitude of positivity that he and the band
stand for. All in all, Kahaani is another display of When Chai Met Toast’s
blend of bittersweet blues.

Verdict: Kahaani would make you smile. It would make you cry. In the end,
it would stick in your mind.

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