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Singer, producer-DJ, model, actor, and voiceover artist, Ambika Nayak is a young maverick now manifesting everything she wanted to be growing up. Amongst her developing personas is Kayan. A clever flip of her last name, read with a sense of mystique and curiosity, it just stuck-birthing Kayan, who seeks solace by inhabiting soul, electronic, pop and R&B terrains.

As Kayan, in her honeyed vocal style that’s informed by artists such as Jorja Smith and Kali Uchis, she’s always singing about stories–a theme she plaintively carries forward in her debut single “Please.” With a keen determination towards leveling up and expanding her audience, it’s this very flow of enthusiastic energy that makes Kayan one to watch. She’s already conquered stages around the country, holding forth a distinctive narrative as a rising artist who can’t stop, won’t stop

The multifaceted Kayan displays her sundry creative hats in a first-of-its-kind, week-long artist residency at Soho House Mumbai, culminating in the creation of an upbeat R&B track with an empowering message. Conveying undertones of independence, confidence, and self-fulfillment, the pop anthem carries forward Kayan’s hallmark soothing vocals over dancehall and afrobeat inflections, resulting in an anthem with plenty of bump. The product of the residency, ‘On My Own’ is her latest in a series of Pop R&B singles that have rapidly established Kayan as one of the country’s biggest stars to watch. 

Part of the fun ride that is “On My Own” is listening to Kayan as she experiences the world from a new perspective, one where she is on her own. This is a message that comes loud and clear through the song and its music video. She sings for herself, dances for herself, writes for herself, earns for herself, dresses up for herself and most importantly, lives for herself. The fact that the video is self shot, self styled and self produced, drives her point of self sufficiency and self love even further. 

Through “On My Own”, Kayan talks about her approach towards life on a level that many of us would choose not to. That she has the bravery to bare it all makes it a remarkably mature work (even though it’s packaged in a fun way). There are times when we have to be by ourselves, that doesn’t mean we should feel lonely and forlorn. After all, even when you are alone, you’ve always got you.

To conclude, “On My Own” is a great tune, immaculately self crafted in Kayan’s distinctive style. It has enough bounce and groove for you to enjoy with your friends and enough substance for you to enjoy it when you are on your own. Don’t miss it.

Verdict: Invigorating.

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