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Cosmic Grooves x Anoushka Maskey x Shaur – A New Clear Winter: Score Indie Reviews

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After almost a year of back and forth from working remotely, ‘A New Clear Winter,’ a 5 song EP is all set to release on the 28th of October. This project is conceptualized, written, composed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Pranay Bakshi aka Cosmic Grooves, in collaboration with singer-songwriters Anoushka Maskey and Shaurya Singh, who have lent their vocals for the length of the EP.

The EP is a narrative from the perspective of a protagonist who is a civilian recruited as a soldier in World War 2 and continues to serve in the military up to the Cold War. It follows his perspective through the defining moments of human history.

The title ‘A New Clear Winter’ is both a play on the phrase ‘nuclear winter’ as well as a representation of how governments kept pushing the envelope with nuclear bombs and masked it with the promise of a new victorious state, free of enemies. 

The 5 songs are 5 letters that he writes back home to his loved ones. As a soldier, he experiences the ugly, gruesome side of the world, very far from his simple youth in the countryside. As he matures with the progression of the EP, the years of trauma catch up to him, and we witness him fail to continue keeping it to himself to save his loved ones the worry. 

The EP carries an amalgamation of dark and dreamy tones. With production meant to convey emotional detachment, heavy songwriting laced with occasional sarcasm, and contrasting but perfectly complimenting vocals, Cosmic, Maskey, and Shaur are all set to take their listeners traversing through some of the most devastating, defining moments in human history. 

It’s so rare to hear a trio that are this good across the board, and especially on a debut collaboration. The songwriting, performing and production of songs on A New Clear Winter are quite astounding.

“A New Clear Winter” is an ambitious and thought-provoking EP. Throughout its runtime of around 18 minutes, it delivers important and powerful messages that end up feeling irresistible and quite convincing.

Verdict: A New Clear Winner.

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