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Meg and The Miracles – Find My Way: Score Indie Reviews

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Nine years old Bengaluru hudugi Megan Rakesh shot to fame after a viral Tik Tok video of her performing Alicia Keys’ “Fallin”. The online talent show was hosted by a TikTok user named Danny B and he was stunned by Megan’s incredible singing chops.

The viral video eventually reached Alicia Keys herself who publicly praised Megan’s rendition of her track.

Megan’s parents, who run her Instagram account, shared the viral TikTok video on her Instagram profile as well. Megan expressed her gratitude towards Alicia Keys for acknowledging her talent and posting her video on TikTok, which ended up garnering over One million views in just 24 hours.

Megan Rakesh has been regularly practising music since the age of TWO. Her father, a professional musician himself, got her started. Her parents have been very driven towards making their daughter’s music career and started her YouTube channel when she was just five. 

It is no overstatement to say that Find My Way is a stunning example of precocious creativity at its zenith. As far as songwriting talent and performing ability goes, we haven’t even nipped the bud in the case of nine year old Megan Rakesh. With the right drive, determination and support, she can flower into an incredibly successful music artist. In “Find My Way”, Megan Rakesh offers a glimpse into her fantastic songwriting ability and poise and confidence in her delivery that belies her age. Keep an eye on Megan Rakesh as she finds her way in the music world, her potential is infinite.

Verdict: Copiously Precocious.

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