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Infinite Redemption’s Debut EP

Death Metal becomes an Indian thing once again as Mumbai’s Infinite Redemption launch their debut EP, which sounds evolved way beyond its years.

There are no traces of amateurism on Face Of Disaster. This 5 track EP comes in and bellows out its ideas with unrelenting clarity.

The fact that Infinite Redemption have been concert hall regulars for the past 3 years might explain their immaculate sound, even with all the bass tremolos and the searing snarls, seemingly perpetually locked in a screaming match with the hyper-wheezing guitars.

It doesn’t take long to realize that the drumming on this EP is top notch. It enables the music to flow seamlessly between tempos and genres, stepping down to grunge or gathering speed – sans hiccups, none. That gives the band’s sound the metalcore edge, and a much broader mass appeal that goes with it.

Jimmy Bhore, of Zygnema, guests on the second eponymously titled track on the EP. It doesn’t change the fact that Shadows Of Disaster is the best song in here; something that rides on expectation and awe, hammering out rhythms that seem both, natural and unknown.

The track listing on the album is:

  1. Abhorrence
  2. Infinite Redemption feat. Jimmy Bhore
  3. Noise Edge
  4. Shadows Of Disaster
  5. Tyranny Of The Pallid

Here’s an EP sampler, courtesy YouTube.

[youtube_video id=1785s5Kqcu4]

You can order your own copy by emailing [email protected]. Gr(rr)eat! 

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