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The New Foo Fighters Video For ‘These Days’ Out

 The new Foo Fighters video will move you. Like they moved the ground at their New Zealand tour.

The magnificent Foo Fighters have done it again. They picked up live footages from their performances in New Zealand and Australia and turned them into one hell of a video for These Days, their third single from Wasting Light, which is so much more than just a live footage-d affair.

 The video has a tender scene in which the frontman David Grohl kisses his wife and kids goodbye before leaving for the tour. It almost seems as if he’s leaving for war, with no idea if or when he would see them next. He leaves to meet the army of fans who wait for him with open arms and hands in the air.

They managed to generate an army of fans so colossal and so charged, that while playing at Auckland, New Zealand, the Foos and their 50,000 fans caused tremors akin to a volcanic event.

 “I didn’t notice when it was happening, but our sound guy who was in the middle of the field could feel the ground moving up and down,” Grohl told a magazine. “After we were finished, the entire road crew said, ‘Did you f—kin’ feel the stage moving?’ And this was a massive festival stage! It was f—kin’ crazy.”

That’s Foo Fighters for you. Have a looksie at the monstrous crowd which was present at the time of the tremors in the video.  Watch as they made Rock and roll history.

 Goosebumps, anyone?

[youtube_video id=TNLhxlEU52c]

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