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Internet sensation Conor Maynard bags MTV’s Brand New for 2012

 Conor Maynard, with voice as smooth as his hair, is the winner of MTV’s Brand New, 2012.

Gone are the days when starry eyed budding musicians spent most of their lives waiting for record labels to pick them up from some dingy bar where they would unfailingly sing every karaoke night, waiting like Cinderella, to get that one crucial life changing break. But not anymore.

YouTube, like a benevolent fairy godmother, has taken all new and promising musicians under its sparkly wings. Many young and talented ‘uns have used this genius portal to get their music across to millions without spending a dime. Not only did some of them manage to get their music heard by atleast a quarter of the world, they also bagged brilliant record deals. 

One such lucky example is the 19 year old, internet sensation Conor Maynard. He, with the help of thousands of votes cast by his fans, dubbed as ‘Mayniacs’, has been announced the winner of MTV’s Brand new for 2012. He managed to beat some pretty high profile competition, and had an incredible 45% of the 150,000 votes, cast in his favour.

Cornor, started by recording covers of the latest big hit songs. And now, after 17,500 fans on facebook and 60,000 followers on twitter, he’s all set to release his debut single ‘Can’t Say No’ on 29th April 2012. His music channel, is the 7th most subscribed channel in UK, and all this without a single original!

 [youtube_video id=LZsjrOyaMEo] 

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