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Indie Reviews: Zindagi Isi Ka Naam Hai by Sid Paul ft. Nikhil Shetty

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Sid Paul recently released his new track Zindagi Isi Ka Naam Hai. He is a prolific music composer and producer based out of Mumbai. Over the course of his career, he has composed and produced music for various web series and advertisements.

Because of his stellar resume in the field, Sid Paul’s services were solicited for producing an Ad campaign to celebrate life and the spirit of survival among all the people of this world during the dreaded COVID-19 times. However, even though the infection rate in the country took off, this project never took off and was left unreleased. Unperturbed by the setback, Sid Paul wasn’t going to just let his project fade into oblivion. He decided to release the track independently and kick off his journey in the Indie music scene. When you listen to the words on “Zindagi Isi Ka Naam Hai”, this background story will seem even more apt. Let’s get into the song.

“Zindagi Isi Ka Naam Hai” starts with a groovy swing beat and it catches the listener’s attention immediately. The solid beat and engaging rhythm (arranged by Jignesh Patel and Omkar Salunkhe) carry you along this joyful song. It has a rich variety of interesting and memorable instruments, making it sound quite distinctive and memorable. The song is also arranged, mixed and produced very well. The production is quite tasteful and suits the mood of the song very well.

The song’s melody is quite catchy and memorable. It is sung beautifully by Nikhil Shetty with backing vocals from Vanishree Sahu. The vocal tone is very expressive, warm and heartfelt. Those characteristics are a must for singing lyrics (penned by Rishikesh Pathak) as heart- warming and meaningful as the ones on “Zindagi Isi Ka Naam hai”. The song as a whole features a vibrant performance from everybody involved in it. It is full of conviction, confidence
and style.

As it might be expected during the current scenario, the track wasn’t recorded in a studio with all the musicians working together at the same time. Everyone fulfilled his/her part from home. Considering the circumstances, the quality of the production is exceptional. Major props to everyone involved for successfully completing this project remotely. While no cure for COVID-19 looms in the future, “Zindagi Isi ka Naam Hai” can definitely provide some temporary respite from it (not a medical claim).

Verdict: A brimming chalice of positivity and joy. Drink up.

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