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Indie Reviews: Khayaal by Aseem

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Aseem, a man of many talents has dropped his latest single Khayaal. Based out of Pune, he is a singer, music producer, studio and live sound engineer. He is an alumnus of London’s prestigious Alchemea College of Audio Engineering. His decision to pursue that course was a classic example of the line “taking the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”

He bet on himself and decided to pursue something he loves instead of just doing a typical engineering degree and regretting it later. He went on to study studio sound engineering, live sound engineering and audio production at Alchemea. Getting an education in these fields helped prepare him for many different opportunities in the future. Since returning to India after finishing his course, Aseem has slowly grown into a reputed musician and sound engineer.

He has produced and mixed several albums with some of India’s prominent bands like Thalavattam and The Bicycle Days. He has also worked as a live sound engineer on many occasions. And of course, he is a singer as well. After a prolific career behind studio mixers, Aseem decided to step behind the mic and record himself singing as well. His latest song is called “Khayaal” and that’s what we will be reviewing here.

“Khayaal” starts off with a nice, atmospheric intro that captures your imagination and establishes a good beat that sets up the entire song that follows. The vocal melody is quite interesting. It’s the kind of tune that isn’t typically catchy, but definitely something you would want to hear again and again. Aseem’s voice has a rich and balanced tone. He sings in a very expressive manner and you can hear the feeling he puts behind his words. His vocals during the pre-chorus (if you can call it that) utilize effects very well, which when combined with the instrumentation going in the background, create a very “dreamy” atmosphere.

And don’t worry, it’s the nice kind of a dreamy, not nightmarish. Throughout the song, the vocal performance is quite consistent, Aseem doesn’t really try something which will push him to the edge of his abilities and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It keeps the song smooth and pleasant throughout, free of any crack appearing on the edges. The song’s use of digital effects is near-perfect. A lot of inexperienced musicians can sometimes go overboard with effects, making the song sterile and devoid of any real musicality. We are happy to report that “Khayaal” has no such issues. Aseem and co-producer/songwriter Zariya have done a great job with the effects. They enhance the song throughout its run time.

Verdict: “Khayaal” will definitely stay in your thoughts.

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