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Indie Reviews: Chill Atleast by Iconyk & Upsidedown

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Nikhil Malik, who goes by the stage name of Iconyk, is a pop-rap producer, artist, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and performer based out of Mumbai. While he currently lives in Mumbai, Iconyk is truly a global citizen. He moved to Toronto, Canada when he was 15 and currently shuffles between Mumbai & LA as he works towards dropping the sickest beats. His international background has allowed him to create music is a fusion of Radio-pop with elements of Hip-Hop, Trap, Rap, and R&B sprinkled here and there. Iconyk started with a bang in 2019 as his debut single “Fallin” was well-received across the globe and appeared on numerous Spotify playlists such as “New Music Friday Canada”, “Fresh Sounds”, “Bridge to Bombay”, “Treadmill Pop”, “Dance-Pop Hits” etc. Buoyed by the success of “Fallin”, Iconyk released a groovy dance anthem called “Lifestyle” later in the year. And now, Iconyk is back with his brand new single titled “Chill Atleast”. This track is a result of Iconyk’s collaboration with Upsidedown. Let’s find out more about the latest track from the man who calls himself “India’s Kanye West”.

“Chill At Least” is a slow and “chill” example of pop-rap fused with some R&B. The song’s theme revolves around the fleeting and “in the moment” nature of modern-day relationships. Is this song some sort of social commentary on the “less love and more chill” nature of relationships these days? Perhaps not, all we can say is that it definitely induces some “chill vibes” in the listener. The track is propelled by the slow-burning fire of trap beats and emo rap. While the fire might burn slow, it definitely burns hot. The percussive elements of this track will make you bob your head in the “most chill way possible”. The song is not like driving a car to its limits on a racetrack, it’s more like driving a car on cruise control, and just chilling as the road goes on. The lyrics offer a wonderful blend of modern romanticism, simplicity, and Urban Dictionary-savvy hooks which are quite relatable.

Will “Chill At Least” survive the test of time and become a modern pop anthem? Probably not, but that’s missing the point of this song. What “Chill At Least” does is embrace what we have in the present, instead of fretting about what we didn’t have in the past, or what we won’t have in the future. If nothing else, it’s a reprieve from the crazy times we live in, the proverbial chill pill. Yes, you can choose to live without “Chill Atleast”, but why?

Verdict: The musical version of the phrase “Chillin’ like Magellan”.

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