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Indie Reviews: Barse Badariya by Nikhita Gandhi

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Nikhita Gandhi is a prolific singer who has sung in four different languages. She won the 2018 Zee Cine Awards in the Best Female Playback Singer category for her incredible performance in the movie, Raabta. She has also been nominated for numerous other awards for her spectacular singing since then. Aside from playback singing in movies, Nikhita Gandhi also releases her own music. Her latest single “Barse Badariya” is an ode to the magnificence that is the Monsoon season. Her singing soliloquy to the serene drops of rain is what we will be reviewing here.

“Barse Badariya” starts with Nikhita Gandhi’s voice and straight off the bat, the softness and richness of her vocal tone reminds you of a gentle monsoon breeze. Her voice sounds like the gentle whisper of the wind. The melody is incredibly tuneful and catchy. You will definitely be singing “Barse Badariya Saavan Ki” the next time you are enjoying the rain with a cup of hot chai and some spicy hot pakodas (or you can do what Nikhita Gandhi does in the video and just get drenched in the serenading shower while this track plays on your waterproof Bluetooth speaker).

Another thing that’s great about this song is how distinct Nikhita Gandhi’s voice is, nobody else sounds like her. She sings the joyful lyrics in a very delicate manner, but that doesn’t mean that her delivery is devoid of conviction. The consistency in her delivery is really remarkable. She never wavers.  People familiar with her previous work know that she has the chops to sing in a more raw and edgy manner as well. However, her soft tone and delicate performance are just what this song needs. She does amp up her pipes a little bit near the end but she ensures that the serene shower never truly turns into a raging thunderstorm. 

The instrumental accompaniment is also excellent. When you have a singer of Nikhita Gandhi’s abilities, the mix is obviously going to be focused on her vocal lines. However, the instruments going on in the background are rich, smooth, and engaging. The rhythm and dynamics keep changing subtly throughout the song to keep things interesting in the background. Add the digital effects which mimic the beautiful sounds of the monsoon season, and you have the perfect soundtrack for every beautiful spell of rain that you will witness this year (and for years to come).

Verdict: A delicate drizzle of musical excellence. Go get drenched.

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