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Indie Reviews: Zindagi by Uddipan Sarmah

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It’s hard not to make an aswekeepsearching comparison when the man responsible for aswekeepsearching’s captivating vocal lines releases a solo. So, let’s get that out of the way first. Zindagi is not aswekeepsearching 2.0. It is Uddipan’s baby alone. 

The subject is familiar; an ode to hardships he endured as a musician creating a sound that wasn’t exactly popular when he started out. Unlike the musical dreamscapes aswekeepsearching is so well known for, Zindagi is more welcoming of classical rock. Fraught with assertive guitars, the song is uplifting, easy to follow and relate with. Sarmah’s voice is familiar in its delectable baritone that quivers with perfect, honest conviction. According to Uddipan, the song comes from long hours of introspection while living by himself in Pune. The compulsive isolation has led him to “pause, breathe and go deeper into my imaginations”, thus giving rise to an entirely unique sound. 

However, the track does veer away from the experimentation we are used to expecting from aswekeepsearching, which is why it is best to treat it as an artistic clean slate. It is a solid piece of alt-rock, and the man deserves his due for veering away from genre-based associations with his already successful band. 

Uddipan does mention that he “would not be sticking to any particular genre or style of music, but take it the way I evolve with time”. He is off to a promising start, and his upcoming EP should rightfully inspire some serious anticipation. 

Verdict: Uddipan Sarmah reveals himself as a distinct presence outside his band and his usual genre. Good text, good melody, good start. 

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