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Indie Review: Recreational Love by Nikhita Gandhi

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After providing her voice on prominent Bollywood songs, singer Nikhita Gandhi debuted her latest single in English, a breezy track called Recreational Love that roughly clocks around 2 minutes.

The song written by Gandhi and additionally produced by Zia has a very relaxing atmosphere to it, adding a somewhat lo-fi touch to Nikhita’s husky vocals. Compared to most of her Bollywood work, listeners get to hear something different from her and Zia’s production is also very controlled and ambient. If we analyse the song in terms of lyrics, it’s a pretty slow and simple love song, but it’s the calm vibes and the short duration of the song that make Recreational Love worthy of playing on repeat.  

The song might not be a ground breaker but it still shows a lot of promise for both its singer and producer. Nikhita Gandhi has already shown her diversity in the world of playback singing, having tried her hand at Tamil, Hindi, Telegu, Bengali, and Kannada film projects. Recreational Love only goes on to show her increased versatility.  

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