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Indie Reviews: Socho Socho by Mukesh Officials

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Beautifully composed and sung by Mukesh Officials, Socho Socho is a
youthful song on love and life. It’s a sweet and simple tune that makes best
use of its short 2-minute duration. The production value isn’t anything
exemplary but suits Mukesh’s vocals that brim with positivity.
The lyrics don’t break new ground but are a light-hearted look into the
singer searching for new love; this makes Socho Socho’s overall vibe pretty
trendy for young demographics like college-going students. If not his lyrics,
it’s his laidback vocal style that deserve praise as he doesn’t try singing at
the same pace and range throughout like many other recent Hindi-
language indie singers. Neither does Mukesh shy away from reaching high
notes when he wishes to.
All in all, Socho Socho might not be your favorite recent release but it still
brims with a certain positivity and lightheartedness that makes it worth a

Verdict: Socho Socho makes for a feel-good melody that would resonate
with younger listeners.

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