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Indie Review- Skin by Anisha Uppal

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Anisha is a classical pianist, self-taught guitarist and poet who is definitely one of the forces to reckon with in the Indie-pop and soul scene. She has collaborated with numerous reputed artists and performed at some of the most prestigious venues across India, Europe, and Australia. With a resume like that, her music has a lot to live up to. Anisha’s 12 track self-titled, debut album is slated to be released later this year. Her first two singles, Stand There With You and You Don’t Know, were absolutely stellar. Before that drops, she has released her third single, Skin. That’s the song we are reviewing here.

Skin is based on Anisha’s travels up the magnificent Himalayas. At 15,500 feet above sea level, she had an epiphany. As she felt lighter and more joyous with every step, she started appreciating her surroundings even more. Between the roar of cascading waterfalls to the emerald glow of sunlight bouncing off viridescent leaves, her heart was filled with joy and curiosity. So much so that it has spilled over in the form of a song.

The song starts with a simple acoustic intro and Anisha’s voice kicks in pretty quickly. The sheer joy and bliss are discernible from the very beginning and it is bound to rub off on you. Through this track, Anisha metaphorically holds your hand and takes you back to the Himalayas with herself.

Skin is a well-written song that has been performed remarkably well. The melody is light, breezy, joyful, and quite catchy. Anisha’s vocal tone and delivery are commendable and enunciate her lyrics very well. She has clearly poured her heart into her words. Instrumentally, Skin has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. Needless to say, the performance quality is very high, both instrumentally and vocally. The track is mixed and produced well, making the whole sound greater than the sum of its parts. Skin is a joyful, distinctive, original and catchy tune. Don’t resist it, let it become your skin (pun intended).

Verdict: Thoroughly enjoyable, the sheer joy in Anisha’s voice is infectious.

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