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Indie Review: vartamaan by naqaab47 & Shoals

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Delhi-based rapper naqaab47 and producer duo Shoals have been
collaborating on many projects in the most, each with its own distinct
experimental sound.  Their latest single vartamaan is no exception. A song
with a calming and borderline-psychedelic tone, it boasts of naqaab47’s
skills with wordplay and philosophy while balancing certain randomness
and liveliness too.

Lyrically, it finds the rapper reminiscing about all sorts of things from his
sheltered upbringing to battling the rest of the world to come closer to his
goals. On first listening, the song might definitely not sound as deep as it
really is. But Shoals’ groovy sound and an extremely catchy hook would
make listeners tune in to the song on repeat. Multiple listening sessions
would make one understand the MC’s almost-Zen outlook at life. The ‘flex’
bars are multi-layered with musings on life, eternal sadness, and the
endurance of his own human spirit. Depending on the listeners, there are
many themes to take away from this song. Maybe, the song urges its
audience to learn from the suffering in the past and to introspect and live
better in the present aka vartamaan.

The aforementioned hook references to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker,
again questioning our life choices with the Star Wars characters as
metaphors. Luke is the epitome of good and Vader is the epitome of bad.
But subtly, the song hints at what made Vader bad in the first place in this
present moment. The hook is definitely one of the catchiest in recent Indian

Verdict- A wildly original track filled with smart bars and deep themes that
resonate with some unconventionally fresh production.

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