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Indie Review: Ignis Fatuus by Ramkumar S

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In Western folklore, Ignis Fatuus is a mystical light, a bluish fire that travelers find at night. And a new song of the same name is mystical indeed with its fusion of Carnatic and Western vocals and instrumentals. 

While Ramkumar S is the mastermind behind the concept and music arrangement, Ambadi MA and Jacob Abraham’s vocals complement each other quite beautifully. There’s a huge diversity of instruments to be heard in this song from violins to mridangams. Producer NBN’s cutting-edge mixing and mastering needs to be given special credit in this regard.

Ignis Fatuus’s visual starts off by asking listeners to get their headphones on and to turn off the world. And this does make sense, as the song does create a mystical atmosphere of its own, especially on the headphones. It’s a song of epic proportions and many moods. If the English vocals in the latter part would be of an optimistic anthemic quality, the Carnatic humming that follow it becomes hauntingly beautiful. 

Verdict- Ignis Fatuus is an ambitious crossover that showcases a wide range of diverse talents. It shines bright like the very flame it’s named after.

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