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Indie music review-Back to the Known by Raghav Meattle

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Raghav Meattle’s PR describes him as having  “​a penchant for simple melodies and
heartfelt songwriting​”. What it misses is his uncanny ability to zero in on a single feeling and turn it into a sort of personal hymn. More often than not, Meattle sounds like he is singing to himself, while inviting his listeners to participate if they feel what he is feeling.
Back to the Known​ is no different. Raghav picks up the searing vulnerability that is common to the human experience, which has been amplified by a pandemic that has pushed everyone into uncertainty and isolation. As with all his songs, it is Meattle’s singsong-laden voice that captivates, with the music manifesting as a modest yet indispensable accompaniment. The song progresses in a lilt, straddling a line between bass and buzz to offer that calming veneer he is known for.

He sings of the numb anxiety that comes from being away from home. For those fortunate enough to be quarantined with loved ones, “the Known” may symbolize the certainty that came with a previous way of life. If nothing else, lockdown has made the simple act of free movement a health hazard. Raghav’s song perfectly epitomizes our collective desire to return to what is familiar and was for granted.
The song brings warmth, assurance and camaraderie (despite it’s exploration of isolation). You know that your anxieties are heard, and that you are not alone in feeling them. Raghav’s demure poeticism is musical balm for these unprecedentedly difficult times.


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