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Indie Music Review: Aditya Kambhampati’s EP The Green Room Project is filled with poetic melodies

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Usually, a large chunk of Indian artists these days are succeeding at creating a relaxed, introspective musical soundscape. But the lyrics in such cases end up being overly cliched or monotonous. Singer and composer Aditya Kambhampati’s lates EP titled The Green Room Project tries to fill the space, as each of its four songs are fine poetic compositions.

Each song tells a story from a particular perspective. Ek Panna explores the relationship between him and a book that he’s reading and how it takes him to new worlds. The self-explanatory Shepherd’s Song is a calm look at live from a shepherd’s point of view, with the moral conflict on whether he leads his flock or the flock leads him. Similarly, Siyahi deals with soul mates and Tukda deals with finding new passions, discovering new things all along the way.Songwriter Aditya Karhadkar deserves a special mention for the lyrical poetry brimming in the songs.

Add in some mellow guitaring, grand orchestral interludes complete with snaps and backing vocals,and The Green Room Project becomes a wholesome musical experience. If you seem to be in a troubled headspace confined in this new age of lockdowns and social distancing, Kambhampati’s ballads can prove to be therapeutic. And if you are an avid listener of similar acoustic indie artists like Osho Jain and Taba Chake, then The Green Room Project is definitely worth a listen.

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