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Indie music review- Stepping About by Tushar Mathur is Smooth as Silk

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Life is hard and quite unforgiving. To succeed, we must stay on our toes and hustle during every second that we are awake. The daily grind takes a toll on our body and mind and sometimes, we just feel a need to leave all of the grind behind and just, chill out. Well, if you are in need of a “chill pill”, Tushar Mathur has got the fix for you. Stepping About is definitely one of the better tracks to chill out with. It’s a welcome relief for all the people who are stuck at home during the lockdown, trying to stay fit, cooking food, learning new TikTok moves every day, and just trying to avoid going crazy while staying indoors non stop. When it all gets too far up your mind, listen to Stepping About, and unwind.

The song starts with the lines: I’ve been pacing back and forth and thinkin’, lately…We’ve been talking ’bout it on and off now, baby. Given the prevailing situation in the country (and the rest of the world), most people will echo this sentiment. Stepping About is the perfect panacea for all of the blues that have appeared in your life. If you are feeling that “Life has no chill” right now, just spin this track and you are bound to feel different. While the song might not be able to physically transport you to a hammock on a sunkissed beach, it does get pretty close to making you feel like it. Listening to the song’s intoxicating beat is similar to sipping on Single Barrell Bourbon on the rocks. Smooth, easy, laidback, relaxing, these are some of the vibes that jump (or lazily stroll) out of the song. Tushar Mathur’s voice serenades you into a relaxing, “lofi heaven” and the instrumental interlude also features a thoroughly laid back guitar solo. It enhances the relaxed vibe of the song even more. Even when Shayan Roy breaks into his rap, the vibe doesn’t go away. In fact, it adds to it. If there is a song that deserved a place on everybody’s “lofi beats to chill with” playlist, this is it.

Verdict: Calm down, stay still, hit play, and just chill.

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