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Home Alone by Hanita Bhambri seeks value in loneliness: Score Indie Reviews

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Hanita Bhambri’s voice is an oracle. She possesses the uncanny ability to identify brokenness, and turn it into upliftment. In Home Alone, she uses that vocal Philosopher’s Stone to bestow meaning to the quiet agony of human loneliness. 

Let me begin by saying this about Hanita’s artistic perspective: She gets it. She understands what loss, pain, regret and nostalgia feels like. She has felt, in her bones, the unspoken torment of being riddled by that low hum of anxiety that often comes from having no control over her life. 

With the pandemic slamming the entire world into a violent form of in-your-face uncertainty, this anxiety, one can imagine, has become the norm. Bhambri acknowledges this by creating a stunning melange of word and melody that recognizes loneliness and gives it its due. 

“Your love feels like home…”

Hanita pairs up this grating, transformative truth of the human experience with the ominous proclamation: 

“The world is ending/And I’m home alone”

She dives into that human darkness and dredges it up with the hope that it will turn from terror to awareness. In her words:

“It’s a song that might make you feel like you’re staring down the barrel of a gun, it might pull you into the darkness – but if anything the song is a reminder that loneliness is not an enemy, how sometimes we need to acknowledge or even embrace negative thoughts and feelings in order to find a way “back to ourselves””

She does, however, confess that The inspiration behind the song was actually not the end of the world but the end of a relationship where one feels like they’re always at war. In love we make each other our whole worlds, and when the world comes crashing down – we’re left alone in the wreckage. Despite the many times you might need to start over please remember that you are more than the broken parts of yourself”

In a stroke of poetic transmutation, she aligns personal loss with the apocalyptic bitterness we are all tasting. While it may seem intellectually reductive, it also resonates quite accurately. The loss of a deeply-held love almost always feels like a death of the soul. When that is described in Hanita’s personal symphony, it becomes far easier to deal with. 

Verdict: Hanita Bhambri takes pain and turns it into transcendence. Her voice is a beacon and a balm to your broken soul.

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