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Archit and Smit’s Dil is a breezy testament of light-hearted romance: Score Indie Reviews

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Dil, the latest single by duo Archit and Smit is a love ballad that sounds positive enough to get you through the day. The melody is simple with some fine ukulele work in the background.

Whether it be the lyrics or the animated visual accompanying Dil, simplicity is the essence of this song. It works as a breezy love song.

It can be said that the song’s classic acoustic  production does sound professional but more than its instrumentals, it’s featured guest Abhiruchi Singh‘s vocals that truly stand out. She opens the song with feel-good verses on finding new love. 

This theme is then carried forward by Archit Shah who sings the second verse. Their voices blend with each other in an effortless manner. No matter how well the song is composed and song, a small drawback might be its timing. Love songs with an acoustic vibe have been a mainstay in the Indie scene for a few years but the frequency of such songs seems to be on the rise especially this lockdown season. So no matter how well-intentioned Dil might be, chances are that there might be hordes of similar sounding songs in the scenes incorporating rhythm guitars and ukuleles. 

For a few listeners though, this might not be the case and Dil indeed has the potential to be a catchy tune depending on one’s perspective. If nothing else, Abhiruchi Singh and Archit Shah’s vocals should be the USP to keep you hooked to Archit and Smit’s new track.

Verdict: A simple romantic duet supported by some fine acoustic guitar and ukulele sounds. 

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