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Gaurav Tophakhane’s Kahaani is a sombre musical way of coping with heartbreak: Score Indie Reviews

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You know when a song is titled Kahaani (Hindi for ‘story’), the song is bound to get personal or introspective. Kahaani by Gaurav Tophakhane too tends to follow the same route with moving bittersweet lyrics based on what seems like a heartbreak.The production is rich, the vocals are polished, but the first thing that catches the listener’s attention is the whistling.

The track opens with a soothing whistle-filled intro that sets the mellow yet light mood of Gaurav’s lyrics. The song also closes with the singer whistling on a gentle note.Heartbreak isn’t a new theme but each Gaurav still manages to hold the attention of his audience with his heartbroken “kahaani” where he croons, and wishes that his lover comes back to him.

Hence, Kahaani is bound to impress fans of indie sweethearts like Prateek Kuhad who have marketed well on singing about failed romances.Even if you’re not a lover going through such a phase, you would enjoy giving it a listen because Kahaani’s light-hearted vocals brim with some positivity too. The singer sounds tragic but at the same time, a certain light of optimism seems to shine somewhere in his tragic voice. Maybe, it is this optimism that makes him realise that these sad times woild pass away with time. 

The singer keeps on repeating a line towards the end, saying “Aajao, dil pukare”. It’s this line that sounds heartfelt, tragic, and optimistic at the same time. It’s definitely one of the high points of the song.Whatever be the case, you don’t need to think much to like Kahaani. With the aforementioned whistling parts and Gaurav’s smooth verses, the song is bound to grow on you making it a pretty decent and very catchy indie tune.

Verdict: Right from its first verse, this mellow love track flows pretty smoothly and eventually grows on the listener.

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