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Goddess Gagged To Release Debut Album

Indian experimental metal band, Goddess Gagged, are ready with their debut album; Resurfaces. It was produced by Auckland-based Zerron Mendonsa, who’s plied his trade with various Indian and international acts before, with varying results. 

The album itself consists of seven tracks, most of which we expect to be worthy of involved listening. The cover art, designed by Venkat Raman from Bhayanak Maut, is meant to be an appetizer, introducing you to the various metaphorical abbreviations that make Goddess Gagged’s music.

Guitarist Devesh Dayal explains, “We wanted to make sure our album cover reflects what goes on in our songs. There’s an escape from darkness and guidance into light by the hand in the back. Working with Venkat Raman was awesome; he really brought the surreal imagery to life”. 

‘Well, we’ve put in a lot of time and energy to make this record sound good.. We hope everyone out there gets this and enjoys it as much as we did. And it was personally, one of the best experiences of my life working with Zorran mendonsa. NO one else could make us so good!’
, gushes Arman Menzies.

The release date has been zeroed down to 19th November, at the NH7 Weekender in Pune, which should be an auspicious enough beginning, as the band are also on the festival roster, performing alongside heavyweights like Bhayanak Maut, Demonic Resurrection and, of course, the festival headliners, Imogen Heap.

There won’t be a lot of it, with the album release being limited to 1,500 physical copies only.

So, hurry and pre-order now at

[youtube_video id=YudrCk86gZY]

Goddess Gagged, for the record, are an up and coming band from Bombay. They consist of Siddharth Basrur on the vocals, Arman Menzies and Devesh Dayal doubling up on the guitars and the vocals, Krishna Jhaveri on the bass and Jeremy D’Souza on the drums. The ‘moody atmospherics worthy of the darkest nights of solitude’ are inspired by the fantasias of Porcupine Tree, Mute Math, Deftones, Karnivool and a whole lot more. 

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