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Jagjit Singh Passes Away

Jagjit Singh passed away at 8 am this morning, succumbing to brain hemorrhage. It had been a week long battle for the singer, ever since his admittance to Lilavati Hospital on 23rd September. He is survived by his wife, Chitra Singh.

Jagjit Singh was born on the 8th of Feb 1941 in Rajasthan and began his musicsl journey with vocals for a Gujarati film, Dharati Na Chhoru. He is most famously regarded as a revivalist of Indian Ghazal at a time when Pakistani singers were holding the fortress, preserving the art form of Ghazal.

His debut album, The Unforgettables, released in the 70s and was a breath of fresh air, cut away from the staple semi-classical and classical influences that featured in Ghazals. There was more of a spotlight on melody and Jagjit’s melifluous voice.

Around this time, he met his wife, Chitra Singh and the duo were a huge success in the Ghazal domain. This was also when he made his entry into playback singing for Bollywood with films like Arth, Saath Saath and later on, Dushman and Sarfarosh among others

He was bestowed with the Padma Bhushan Award in 2003 and the Padmashree Award in 2006

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