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Abhimanyu-Pragya – Kyun Gaya Tu: Score Indie Reviews

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Abhimanyu and Pragya are best buddies who met by chance and found a common love for composing original songs. Naturally, they chose to work together to regale their listeners with their fabulous compositions. When it comes to musical styles, the intrepid duo doesn’t shy away from experimenting or going against the tide. Their goal is to bring great music to their listeners and for that, they are willing to travel in any musical direction. The duo has released the track “Kyun Gaya Tu” recently and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Kyun Gaya Tu” is a song dedicated to the people who we’ve lost. Whether it’s family members, friends or pets, fate can be really brutal and just pluck them out of our lives. Their departure leaves a bottomless void inside that is so deep, nothing else can fill it. But instead of an eulogy which just reminisces about the good times spent with those people, “Kyun Gaya Tu” asks the dearly departed a simple question, “why?”. We all know that we will never be able to get the answer to that but sometimes that’s the catharsis we all need.

Abhimanyu and Pragya have done an admirable job of conveying the sorrow of dealing with a personal loss. The song’s lyrics, emotion, and the serene melody are enough to make you melt from the inside. However, the track’s atmosphere isn’t as sepulchral as a funeral dirge, it’s a little more upbeat than that. Pragya’s voice has an ethereal space-y timbre and it’s layered beautifully on top of a minimalist musical arrangement featuring a gentle acoustic guitar pattern with some light drum beats thrown in for good measure. 

The song’s structure and the “questioning” lyrical theme hearken back to the Eric Clapton classic “Tears in Heaven”. While Slowhand wrote that song for his deceased son Conor Clapton, Abhimanyu and Pragya have dedicated this song to Sushant Singh Rajput and Irrfan Khan, both of whom passed away in 2020. 

With “Kyun Gaya Tu”, Abhimanyu and Pragya have created a piece of art that is short and sweet and asks a question that can never be answered, but one which we will always ask anyway.

Verdict: Touching.

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