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Frappe Ash and Harjas Harjaayi join forces for Nashedi, a reminder to keep grinding while having fun: Score Indie Reviews

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Over the years, Frappe Ash, one-half of the Delhi-based rapping duo Full Power has cemented his bilingual sound with both introspective and entertaining themes. He lets himself loose in his latest single Nashedi that finds the rapper delving into his ongoing ‘hustle’ while enjoying the journey.

And it makes sense for him to release a wavy light-headed song like Nashedi considering the fact that Frappe has been a constant part of the city’s sprawling hip-hop scene for a considerable amount of time, with significant releases like the dominantly emotional Bet You Know.

As is evident from its title, recreational substances are a recurring theme in Nashedi. Interestingly, the track was also released on 4th April at 4:20 pm! However, rather than using the concept of a ‘nashedi’ as a gimmick, Frappe takes his time in dropping bars about his background, his aspirations from the future, and so on. 

Featured artist Harjas Harjaayi also melodically croons in what seems like a metaphorical parallel between the aforementioned substances and his beloved. The love of his life seems to give him a whole other ‘high’, a whole other ‘nasha’.

The trap-driven production gels well with the laidback flows of both rappers. Some might complain for Nashedi sounding a bit repetitive but that seems like an intentional choice as the repetition is what makes the song all the more catchy. Without a doubt, Nashedi was designed to be a self-proclaimed ‘head bobber’ but the slow pace and trendy lyrics make it good enough for a calm, chilled-out listening session too. 

Frappe has proven his sharp delivery at faster speeds before but this melodic side of his definitely bears testimony to his experimentation as an artist. That’s why it’s easy to draw comparisons between Nashedi and a track like Flex Babe (that also featured verses from his Full Power peer Yungsta). A part of his upcoming album Slambook, Nashedi is quite a catchy tune that grows on you after a few listens. 

Verdict: Catchy, melodic, and ‘high-inducing’.

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