Score Indie Quickie – Anoushka Maskey – Score Short Reads

Score Indie Quickie – Anoushka Maskey – Score Short Reads

You have released a lot of music in the last one year. How did you leverage the pandemic situation to create more music?

My first album would not exist if not for the lockdown and the blues that came with it! My second EP was a planned project that Pranay and I conceptualised in January 2020, planning to execute it as our first release.

However, the pandemic hit, and being all alone in my Bangalore apartment, unable to meet anybody or go anywhere for nearly 3 months brought about a plethora of emotions that translated into several songs, and finally, an album! 

What does collaboration mean to you? How important do you think it is for artists to collaborate with one another?

Pranay and I have worked together on our album, EP, and single all while I was in my home in Sikkim, and him in Mumbai. 

Just within the past year of working together, there has been so much exchange of knowledge, understanding each other’s processes that I have found it can be incredibly rewarding working with other musicians.

You get an insight into the inner-workings of another’s mind, and it’s fascinating to discover two different eyes looking at the same thing but having such different perspectives.

Score Indie Quickie - Anoushka Maskey - Score Short Reads
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