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A Retrospection about Love, Relationships in Priyanka Nath’s ‘Reckless’ Has A Dark Side with a Pure Heart – Score Indie Reviews

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“Cause I didn’t have my head straight

Riding in my own ways

Blinded by the sidelights

Leading just to more fights

But I couldn’t get it straight

In my own game, checkmate

Could this all be fate

I was just losing faith.”

“Blinded by my own game

Didn’t know all this was just too complicated

Heard all of my best mates

Trynna tell me what to just do

But I was so reckless

Oh, so reckless.”

These lyrics wash you over with a familiar feeling of falling in reckless love, which makes you feel on top of the world and then suddenly throws you into a sunken feeling. The meaning of the songs can be interpreted in many ways, and for me, they are about a love that, once lost, makes you question your reality. Priyanka Nath, who has many songs to her credit, has a nice and serene tone to her voice that makes her tracks very pleasing. Most of the songs have relatable lyrics that one can connect with since they have a connection to the innate self.

The music itself is very catchy and can be sung with utmost ease with a blend of synchronised beats. I felt that it sounded similar to the Taylor Swift genre of songs that have simple lyrics about love and heartbreak. Nevertheless, ‘Reckless’ still has an intrinsic factor that makes it full of modern pop combined with the brilliance of R&B, which many songs are devoid of today. 

A shift from her previous outing as a singer and songwriter, this one has more introspection, which makes it resonate with people who want to get a hold of their lives and keep their reckless behaviour at bay. The music video is of top-notch quality, with a play on light and shadow along with an ooze of bedazzling fashion. Overall, Priyanka Nath does a superb job in making a unique song that has an undeniable charm and is very easy to connect to. 

Verdict: Beautiful Vocals, Introspective, Lyrical

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