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Chirag Todi’s ‘Spiced Lemonade’ represents everything right with Indie today – Score Indie Reviews

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Chirag Todi’s ‘Spiced Lemonade’ represents everything right with Indie today.

‘When I grew up and fell in love

I asked my sweetheart what lies ahead?

Will we have rainbows day after day?

Here’s what my sweetheart said

Qué será, será

Whatever will be, will be..’

These iconic lines sung by Doris Bay have transgressed time and generations since the song Que Sera Sera’s release way back in the 1950’s. Its profound meaning holds water till date, asking people to stay in the moment rather than fixating on a future that is devoid of promises. 

I am once again reminded of this essence in the most gentle way possible by Chirag Thodi’s latest single ‘Spiced Lemonade’, featuring Dot. If the aforementioned lyric had a Gen-Z counterpart, it would surely be this peppy and well-rounded number that has already topped my playlist.

The song expands on the idea of lovers ‘appreciating the simple things in a romantic relationship and not stressing about where it’s going but rather living in the moment,’ writes Chirag in his description of the song. It is a message that could not have come at a better time when finding love is getting harder and holding on to it, nearly impossible!

Fascinatingly, the song, if further interpreted, unfolds to reveal a layered and deep lyrical composition that talks of different aspects that rock the bed of a relationship and hurl it into the tomorrow. It doesn’t simply ask one to remain here and now. It provides clever logic: ‘Where’s the fire where’s the smoke..Tell me what’s the rush now. You’re not rich but you’re not broke..So don’t you make a fuss now.’

While the song’s memo is sweet and idyllic, Dot’s soothing voice ushers in summer and just how! Her voice makes you picture a couple reading a book one afternoon under the shade of a tree that bears the brunt of the heat so the two can remain at ease in the now. Complimenting this simplicity is a strong bassline that commences from the get-go, a signature last seen in Chirag’s 2021 album ‘Panorama’. So while you ponder over the lyrics, you’re also given something to bob your head to and tap your feet with.

If one is just diving into the world of Indie English music churned by Indian artists, Spiced Lemonade is a great start because to me, it represents everything right with the genre today.

Verdict: Lyrical, pleasing, peppy

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