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Chirag Todi gets back to form with the groovy lead single of his EP Panodrama: Score Indie Reviews

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With his multi-instrumental prowess and his abilities to play around with jazzy and R&B styles, Chirag Todi is definitely a name to watch out for whenever we talk about the future of indie scene. Even though one of his recent single Beyond Your Blues could be seen as slightly polarising, the Be Easy hitmaker has hit it out of the park with his August release Panodrama.

A part of the EP of the same name, Panodrama has a wide range of themes to cover, mainly involving the change of times and adjusting to this change. Rudra Kabir pens the lyrics making interesting use of cinematic metaphors. As featured vocalist Shreya Bhattacharya croons the verses and the hook, she sings of how she misses older films rather than the oversaturated cinema of today with forced humor. An allusion to superstar comedian Kevin Hart is also thrown randomly towards the chorus as she sings, ‘your two bit-part shouldn’t need a Kevin Hart’.
If there’s one thing that is common in almost all of Todi’s works, it is the fact that he has a great knack for picking collaborators. Apart from Bhattacharya’s powerful vocals, Warren Mendonsa joins the ensemble with some extremely catchy solos. Jai Row Kavi’s drums and Marc Damania’s bass also add to the fast and dramatic pace of the song.
The man of the hour is, of course, Chirag Todi himself who contributes to the track with the guitar, keys, and his production prowess. As is the case with his other songs, he adds a chaotic, jazz-filled energy to Panodrama that not only makes it a perfect tune to stream but also to witness in a live gig. Todi definitely offers a lot of promise for his future releases and Panodrama only bears further testimony to this.

Verdict: Chirag Todi and his collaborators evoke an extremely groovy energy with Panodrama.

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