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Aditi Iyer – Dollhouse: Score Indie Reviews

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Aditi Iyer is a 17 year old alternative pop singer-songwriter living in Mumbai, India. She is heavily influenced by Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. Aditi Iyer aims to live vicariously through her music and let her listeners enjoy the same experience through her songs. She aims to become a big name in the music industry eventually and the latest stop in her journey to the top, is the EP “Dollhouse”. It consists of four songs, Tearing Me Open, Hollow, Withdrawals, and Your Photograph. All of which deal with abusive relationships and the process of going through them. Let’s find out more about it.

“Dollhouse” is without doubt, an EP stuffed full of fantastic singing and good musicianship. But more than this, it is an EP that has a lot to say about the life experiences of Aditi Iyer.  

While Aditi Iyer might be new to the indie music scene, she does sound like an artist who has gathered everything she’s learned on the journey and focused it here. You can hear it in the poise of her songwriting and the deftness with which she breathes life into her songs with her performance. She has poured her heart out into her songs and it’s easy to hear that.

With “Dollhouse”, Aditi Iyer has delivered a set of songs that sound mature, earnest, intelligent and inspired. The four tracks, for all their differing styles, have hit upon something that has a rare sparkle to it. A deceptively simple yet beautiful EP.

Verdict- Emotional

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