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Chirag Todi’s latest single Beyond Your Blues Evokes a Chaotic yet Pleasant and Groovy Energy: Score Indie Reviews

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Chirag Todi is easily one of the freshest instrumentalists and composers in the independent music scene right now. His previous singles from 2020, like Desire and Be Easy bear testimony to this.  His new track Beyond Your Blues might not live up to the status of a single like Be Easy, but it still stands on its own. Part of his upcoming EP Panodrama, Beyond Your Blues features a highly-energetic vocal pattern, thanks to featured singer Vrnda Dhar.

The typical pop/jazz track would often involve lively instrumentation throughout but the vocalist often modulates between high and low (as is usually expected). Dhar, too experiments with melodies and harmonies, throughout the entire track but hardly does she have any low or mellow points. Even though the lyrics tend to delve into themes like isolation, inner demons, and waiting for hope, Dhar’s energy is always on a high.

Perhaps this is an intentional choice as it tends to make the chaotic energy of its lyrical content more evident. Otherwise, often several post-pandemic tracks with such words tend to get a tad bit too slow and melancholic. The moody blues in Beyond Your Blues prioritise frenzy rather than a sombre vibe.

Todi’s jazzy arrangement is similarly fast-paced and perfectly goes well with Raag Sethi’s skills on the bass and slide guitar. Sethi also deserves further credit for having produced the track and also shot the music video.
However, there are a few moments in which the vocal and instrumental energies don’t seem to match. Also considering that the blank-verse-style lyrics rarely ever rhyme, Beyond Your Blues might seem haphazard for a few listeners for the first time.

And yet, its aftertaste might still be better for some, with its texture getting smoother after multiple listens. While there are chances that Beyond Your Blues might not appeal to all demographics, it’s still another feather in Chirag Todi’s cap who definitely can build up hype with with his new EP.

Verdict- An energetic track with some breezy, jazzy production.

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