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Chirag Todi’s debut single Desire is an earworm from the first minute: Score Indie Reviews

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Chirag Todi’s first song has the maturity that usually comes after making music for a few years.  Not only does it feature blues-addled, funk-blistered guitars that soothe and stimulate at the same time, it dives into exploring the creative process itself. 

Pushkar Srivatsal and Tanya Nambiar lend their luscious, polished voices to intelligently-constructed lyrics that receive emotional resonance from their gorgeous vocals. The way they describe desire is almost Wordsworthian (remember “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” from school?):

“it sort of ‘holds you by the collar’ in the sense that it gives you the strength to overcome any and every obstacles. He enjoys the captivating power of ‘desire’ and thus describes it as ’freedom in being caught’. Personally, he is transitioning from harboring suppressed thoughts to freely expressing his opinions. The idea behind this song inciperes from his experience with this newly acquired liberation. This song is the manifestation of his ‘desires’ and an expression of his freedom in the process of creating it.”Todi

In the luxurious vocal curtains of Pushkar or Tanya, desire sounds more stormy, more captivating, more consuming. Todi’s experience as a guitarist is apparent in the absolutely stunning composition centered on those playful, breezy strings. Abhay Sharma wraps it up with a cascade of saxophone-based glory, and turns the track into the very definition of sonic pleasure. 

There are not enough words to recommend this song. Easily one of the best debuts this month, the track is sophisticated, deliciously melodic, and displays no identifiable flaws. It’s a great song, exploring an unusual subject and is performed by exceptional musicians. Great poduction by Divyang Arora.

Given that Desire is part of Todi’s upcoming EP ‘Panodrama’, it gives listeners every reason to hold high expectations for the guitarist. And while you look forward to it’s release, this sample of Todi’s considerable talent will keep you very good company. 

Verdict: One of the best debuts this year. Todi clearly knows how good music works, and he is bent on putting that knowledge to very good use. 

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