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Indie Music Review- Tanya Nambiar’s Stranger in our bed

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Tanya Nambiar’s voice doesn’t just croon. It floats, shimmering, and spectral. In her fiery finesse, one hears the power, promise, and seduction that empowered the likes of Lena Horne and Peggy Lee. She embodies the ever-distant, ever-unattainable songstress, even when singing about the betrayal of a beloved.

This song is a silken breakup anthem that expresses anger, bitterness and deception without losing poise. Shutting the door on a disloyal lover could not be done with more grace. Tanya is immaculate, exiting a bruised relationship with not a hair out of place. Backed by a groovy bass and fluid guitars, she metaphorically flips her hair and sings her piece.

One can imagine her singing this in the gossamer lights of a Parisian gentleman’s club, enthralling listeners for nights on end. As in her previous work, her music maintains that elusive balance between sultry and steadfast. This is a song to be enamored by as well as take your lessons from.

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