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Category: Pro Audio

Products of Innovation

When it comes to midi controllers, keyboards or synthesizers, the words, “quality” and “reliability”, are synonymous to the name, Novation. A branch of the Focusrite group, Novation has been a

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Creating music on the go!

Creating music on the go!

The tech world is growing day by day and its impact on music has been so heavy that people can now almost stop carrying instruments for certain shows and depend

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5 Tips for every Guitar Tech

5 tips for every Guitar Tech

As a guitar tech, it’s a responsibility to ensure that the guitarist has everything they need to make their job easier. All they need to worry about is walking on

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10 tips for mixing a song

10 tips for mixing a song!

Basic Needs for Mixing Mixing is an art. If you’re new to mixing, you need to concentrate your song before it gets to the mastering stage. While you might be

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Audio Tip: Mixing in Mono

It was not until the late 1950’s that stereophonic sound was being offered for public listening and even after it was, not a lot of listeners had a device that

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Recording Metal drums

Nothing hits the spot like some blisteringly massive sounding metal track. As a huge fan of the genre, I’ve observed and appreciated the detail and the effort that goes into the

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