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A peek into the Scarlett and Clarett series

Whether you’re a sound engineer, producer or a performer, whether it’s for a live setting or a studio environment, regardless of purpose and place, the first brand that pops up in mind while discussing audio interfaces is Focusrite. Having a wide range of products that cater to various specific needs, Focusrite has consolidated its position at the frontiers of pro-audio innovation and technology.

While their products include USB, Thunderbolt, ADAT, Ethernet and more, the USB interfaces are the most common type in general use. In this edition edition, we will be discussing Focusrite’s USB audio interface ranges, the Scarlett and the Clarett.

The Focusrite Scarlett range is the best selling USB audio interface range in the world. It’s almost impossible to not spot a Solo or a 2i2 at a home studio these days. The simple fact is that when you combine the high quality Scarlett pre-amps with super-low latency, pack it in a sleek red metal chassis and place it at extremely affordable prices, competition doesn’t really stand a chance. The Scarlett mic preamps feature an even gain structure and have a very low noise floor even at higher gain levels. The instrument input has been designed to handle hot input signals without causing distortion. The visual feedback around the knobs allow you to monitor the input levels. The light turns red whenever the signal comes in too hot, so as to avoid distortion and clipping in your recordings.

The Scarlett range includes Solo, 2i2, 2i4, 6i6, 18i8, 18i20. These interfaces range from catering to a simple home studio setups to a full-fledged studio environment based on the varied number of inputs and outputs and monitoring provisions.

The Clarett is a comparatively high-end range that offers four interfaces with higher number of inputs and outputs, Clarett 2Pre (10-in, 4-out), Clarett 4Pre (18-in, 8-out), Clarett 8Pre (18-in, 20-out) and the Thunderbolt-only Clarett 8PreX (26-in, 28-out). The highlight of this range is the Air-enabled mic preamps, which reproduce the sound of the original ISA mic preamps.
These interfaces have ultra-low noise and distortion while possessing a wide dynamic range. With 24-bit/192kHz analogue to digital conversion rate, these interfaces allow you to record with low latency in real time through simulations and effects plug-ins. Irrespective of the source, these interfaces allow you to record super-hot input signals without distortion or affecting the quality of the sound. The included software for these interfaces are from XLN Audio, Focusrite, Softube, Ableton and Loopmasters. Apart from the 8PreX, the rest of the models are available in both USB and Thunderbolt versions.

Packed with features to meet the various degrees of requirements, the Focusrite Scarlett and Clarett series are forces to be reckoned with.


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