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Benny Dayal & Raajeev V Bhalla – Thoda Share is an Important Song: Score Indie Reviews

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Benny Dayal is a popular Indian playback singer. He has performed songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati and Marathi. He was also a part of the band S5, which was formed by the SS channel and broke up after a year. He also won the RD Burman Award for Music Talent for his performance on the “Kaise Mujhe” during the 54th Filmfare Awards.  Benny Dayal was raised in Abu Dhabi and came to India for his graduation.

After completing his graduation from Madras Christian College, Benny Dayal worked as an Events Coordinator. His passion was always music and he finally decided to quit his BPO career and pursue a career in music. Benny Dayal has had a prolific career in music where he has sung for numerous movies in numerous languages. He has also collaborated with Grammy award winning musician Ricky Kej. Benny Dayal has just released “Thoda Share”, his second single from the EP “Shoshal Media” and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

On “Thoda Share”, Benny Dayal has collaborated with Raajeev V Bhalla. He is a composer, producer, singer, writer and a multi genre/multi Instrumentalist based in Mumbai. Raajeev V Bhalla trained in Western Classical Music from Trinity College of Music London. He is also trained in Indian Classical music. He plays Guitar, Bass, Piano, Mandolin, Oud, Rabab, recorder, clarinet, bouzouki and a few other instruments.

“Thoda Share” is about an ongoing situation and the existing emotions of Independent Musicians. They put in a lot of effort in coming up with new music but they usually never manage to reach the audience in the way they want to. The song offers a satirical take on how even family, friends and colleagues are almost perennially in doubt of independent musicians’ career choices and questions if their work is anything more than a hobby. The promises made to share by anyone is never a guarantee. A lot of people share promptly, some do so very late, and some don’t share at all.

“Thoda Share” essentially urges all of its listeners to share the song with others because like all indie artists, Benny Dayal has also put his heart and soul behind the track. Without any major label support, it’s up to the listeners to increase the song’s popularity by sharing it constantly. Only then can indie musicians go on and create new songs for their listeners. They might have endless creativity, but they don’t have endless pockets and putting a song out requires both. 

Musically, the song has a very minimalistic arrangement with the emphasis firmly placed on the song’s vocal melody which gives out an important message in a humorous manner.

“Thoda Share” is a song with a very important message and it’s presented in a very likable, enjoyable and non-pretentious style. That’s the song’s greatest triumph.

Verdict: Meaningful and enjoyable.

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