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Bure Khayaal – Sanjeev T ft. Kartikay & Keya Pothen paints empathy in lo-fi chill hop: Score Indie Reviews

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Sanjeev T has been engaging himself in making music that makes you feel less alone. Even in the best of times, life in a world with eternally shifting priorities, trends and hashtags can seem debilitating. Now that the world is united by the fear of a single, seemingly unending virus, to be overwhelmed is simply the default human condition. 

Isolation breeds overthinking which breeds anxiety and often snowballs into the vicious apathy of depression. With entire populations being forced into confinement, unemployment or lower salaries, uncertain futures and the rise of a world they cannot quite navigate, turbulent emotional states are all too common. In such states, the mind turns on itself, creating painful, fear and panic inducing thoughts. 

At the heart of Sanjeev T’s song is a confrontation with these thoughts, and surviving them. He brings in singer-composer Keya Pothen and rapper Kartykay to add texture to the hip-hop hooks and meanderies strings. Kartikay’s easygoing flow is striking in contrast with the individual struggles he is rapping about. 

“Bure khayaal merey sar pe sawar/ Karoon bayaan kaise khud se sawaal/Hain nahi koi jo mere itna ho khaas/Bas chahta hoon ye dil rahe azad”

But, in true redemptive fashion, Sanjeev directs the song to a call for resolution. 

“Bure khayaal bayaan karne ki jagah do. Bure khayaal bayaan karne ki himmat do

He asks for space, acceptance and safety from the world and his own mind – something we often pray for in tortured silences. 

Bure Khayaal is the third release off his album Future and showcases an ambitious, multifaceted exploration of themes, questions and musical preferences. He asks interesting questions, breeds interest and gets down to the brass tacks of these hard, confusing lives we lead. 

Verdict: Lo-fi chill-hop with comforting yet questioning lyrics. Feels just right. 

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