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Pratap Noel & Erratiks join forces for an electronic heartbreak banger called Fragments: Score Indie Reviews

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Bangalore-based producer Pratap Noel’s new track Fragments is an emotional testament of heartbreak. The song’s heavy interlude is reminiscent of early 2010s electronica, while Erratiks; vocals evoke a sense of hopelessness and loss. 

The song opens with some casual humming and an acoustic-sounding intro. As the verse progresses, Erratiks’ voice gains emotion and wavers with perfect control and perfection. His vocals are top-notch, especially during the hook of the song that’s followed by some upbeat electronic goodness. 
‘You rip my heart into fragments’, makes for an insanely catchy hook and refrain. The song is perfectly suited for someone to let off steam, to workout, or to just dance in a club.

Recently, a lot of producers are shifting to fusing local Indian sounds with western electronic tunes. While it’s definitely innovating the scene, an oversaturation of it can lead to monotony. Fragments is a good break from the usual clutter in that scene. It is energetic, emotional, and easily addictive right from the first verse. 

There’s no competition on which of the two artists is better in the song as both Noel and Erratiks seem to be bringing on their A-game in this track. While the lyrics might sound a tad bit cliched or dated but that’s still a minor critique as Fragments easily serves as one of the finest electronica anthems of this year. 

Verdict: A broken heart is in fragments. A broken heart is creating an electronic banger.

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