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Avanti Nagral – He Makes Me is a Lovely Track: Score Indie Reviews

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Avanti Nagral is an Indian American artist who has been regaling her listeners with a wonderful mix of pop and soul for some time now. Avanti Nagral loves making music that doesn’t just fit into any given societal norm. As an artist, she seeks to challenge those norms. Her music is aimed at making a social impact and reclaiming the way young girls see themselves around the world.

While she primarily performs in English, more songs in Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi are on the way. Avanti Nagral’s background in soul and Indian classical music is carved into her music and you can always hear elements of them in her songs. But Avanti Nagral is not just a music artist, she is also an accomplished actress. She was nominated for ‘Best Actress in a leading role’ for her portrayal of Agnes in ‘Agnes of God’ at the National Theater Awards in India, Avanti Nagral’s passion for being on stage spans disciplines.

She has spoken and performed at the United Nations and TEDx conferences, and has performed at venues and festivals across India, the US and Southeast Asia. She released the first virtual reality music video in all of South Asia for her single ‘I Like’, and has since released several tracks including a virtually shot, cross continental video for, ‘The Long Way.’ And now this incredibly talented Indian-American songstress is back with her latest single “He Makes Me”, and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

“He Makes Me” presents a story (based on Avanti Nagral’s own life) of navigating differences and changing relationships within the family. It portrays the difficulty of getting your family to come to terms with an inter-faith/culture/race relationship. However, true love is always worth fighting for and your happiness is what matters in the end. 

“He Makes Me” is beautifully written and performed. The melody is soft but extremely poignant and tuneful. Avanti Nagral has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics. She has poured her heart and soul into the words and some of the phrases really hit home, especially when they are coupled with the beautifully conceptualized and filmed music video. The music video isn’t just a visual medium for the music, it tells a beautiful story. Instrumentally, the song has a minimalist accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. Overall, the song is distinctive and original, and it will definitely resonate with a lot of lovestruck hearts.

Verdict: Beautiful and poignant.

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