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Avanti Nagral’s The Long Way is a crusader for quiet love: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai based singer Avanti Nagral sounds like she “gets it”, as we tend to say when we don’t have better words to describe why something feels good. 

In The Long Way, she becomes pensive in her longing. Toning down the turbulent, dramatic upheavals that we have come to associate with love, she paints musical pictures of the tiniest nuance of everyday affection. 

“A moment with you is a lifetime” 

Her song is about lovers separated by distance, and the associated sorrows and yearnings. Nagral’s lyrics shimmer with an unhurried, unassuming elegance.

“I’ll hold on to our conversations/ when we’re both in different places/ going through all of our phases.” 

Her words are utterly relatable, and intoned in a silvery voice that makes the daily difficulties of a long distance relationship seems completely worth the effort. 

“Distance and nights makes the heart grow fonder/ All of the ways /Love, it really conquers”

According to Nagral herself, the song:

…challenges societal definitions of romance with her boundary breaking love song, The Long Way. This mid-tempo track is dedicated to staying in love despite all challenges; long distance, societal expectations, and interracial. The climactic beat pattern and lyrics convey longing and celebration of all the small and big moments in a relationship. It’s the perfect dose of nostalgia for the moments when you miss your special someone,”

Nagral finds a way to cultivate instant charm to her account of seemingly mundane love. While this is a departure from her earlier adventurous inclinations (her debut single “I Like” made use of a virtual reality music video to draw users into the artistic experience), it might just be the emotional salve required to get some of it’s listeners through a hard day in a LDR. For others, it is a reminder that good love is worth holding on to, even when the cards seem dealt against its fruition. 

Verdict: The Long Way offers a forgotten lesson – word hard at making love work.

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